We're Married!

July 22nd 2023

We Did It!

On July 22nd, 2023, DJ Perez and Yazmin Pavon joyously became one in an intimate ceremony, alongside our precious daughters, Selena and Yaslyn. Grateful for your love and support as we begin this new chapter together. Exciting adventures await our united family! Thank you for being part of our love story.

July 22nd 2023

North Carolina

How We Met

It was love at first bite.

Our love story began amidst the hustle and bustle of the automotive world. DJ Perez, the Marketing Manager at Crown Automotive, and Yazmin Pavon, the Internet Manager at Crown Acura, found themselves working together, and little did they know that their destinies were about to intertwine in the most unexpected way.

As days turned into weeks and weeks into months, DJ and Yazmin’s professional collaboration blossomed into a genuine friendship. Their interactions at work soon spilled over into the digital realm, with friendly messages exchanged on social media. One fateful day, Yazmin took a leap of faith and slid into DJ’s DMs, sparking a conversation that would change their lives forever.

Despite living in different states, with DJ residing in Georgia and Yazmin in North Carolina, the distance couldn’t deter the magnetic pull they felt towards each other. Fueled by their adventurous spirits, they decided to meet in the middle for their first date, choosing Charlotte and a restaurant called The Cowfish Sushi and Burger Bar as the perfect backdrop for their romantic encounter.

From the moment they laid eyes on each other, they knew there was something special. The conversation flowed effortlessly, laughter filled the air, and an undeniable connection was forged that night.

Their first date marked the beginning of a beautiful journey filled with countless texts, late-night phone calls, and FaceTime sessions that bridged the physical gap between them. Every moment spent apart only intensified their desire to be together, making the weekends they spent in each other’s arms all the more precious.

As their love deepened, they discovered shared passions and interests, with music playing a significant role in their bond. They exchanged playlists, using the power of melody and lyrics to express emotions that words alone couldn’t capture.

With each passing day, their love grew stronger and more resilient. The challenges of distance only served to strengthen their commitment to one another, proving that true love knows no boundaries.

Now, as they stand united in marriage, DJ Perez and Yazmin Pavon are eternally grateful for the unique journey that led them to each other. They are excited to embrace this new chapter as husband and wife, cherishing every moment and looking forward to creating a future filled with love, laughter, and shared dreams.

Their love story didn’t just encompass two hearts but also embraced the creation of a beautiful family. DJ and Yazmin’s journey of love extended to include two wonderful girls, Selena and Yaslyn, who brought an abundance of laughter and warmth to their lives.

Family trips to the beach became a treasured tradition, and the girls’ favorite thing to do was being in a pool, with a view of the beach! The beach days were filled with building sandcastles, chasing waves, and collecting seashells, creating memories that will last a lifetime. But the real magic happened when they retreated to the pool, where Selena and Yaslyn’s joy knew no bounds. Their infectious laughter echoed through the air as they splashed around, their happiness reflecting the love and unity shared by DJ and Yazmin.

In those precious moments, they not only embraced each other as partners but also as a loving family. The bonds between them grew stronger with every smile, every shared laugh, and every warm embrace. The love between DJ and Yazmin extended seamlessly to Selena and Yaslyn, creating a home filled with love, understanding, and mutual respect.

As they embark on this new chapter of their journey, they eagerly anticipate creating even more cherished memories together. Their family will continue to be the cornerstone of their love, and they look forward to the many adventures that lie ahead, both at the beach with a view of the pool and in every moment they spend together.

Thank you for being a part of their love-filled family journey.

With love and appreciation, DJ & Yazmin Perez

Our Family Home

We’re thrilled to announce our new home in North Carolina, where we moved in June. Grateful for this chapter of togetherness and love.

Our Family

Celebrate with Us

To our out-of-state family: We’re looking forward to celebrating with you soon in Phoenix! Pending schedules, we hope to be together to share our joy and love.